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Credit and Debit Counseling

Our services includes your private assessment. Contacting creditors on your behalf, sending documentation back and fourth, and more. We have been trained on recent laws, statutes, and credit reporting practices. We also know what items on your report affect your score the most. Take the first step toward restoring your credit by contacting us.

Client Reviews



I highly recommend Tiakeysha Ellison Financial Services. November 2019 I swore to myself that 2020 I will purchase a home. I searched credit repair companies and came across KB Dreamz FB page. I’m not going to lie, I was hesitant because my credit score was in the low 400’s but Tiakeysha  assured me I was in good hands. Two weeks ago I closed on my first home and my credit score is in the mid 700’s. If you want professionalism, Tiakeysha Ellison Financial Services is it. If you want a company that stands by their word and helps you achieve goals, then Tiakeysha Ellison Financial Services. I wouldn’t be a homeowner today if it wasn’t for Tiakeysha Ellison Financial Services. Tiakeysha  is the truth!!!!!!!

Jennifer Roseme

IMG_9496 (1)_edited.jpg



Very professional and down to earth and she’s about her business and she’s definitely good at what she does. I’m not where I want to be but I’m definitely on my way.

Leola Rogers
Owner Of
Lola's Pudding



She is so professional, and her work speaks for itself. Lets just say Im almost at a 700 , and its only been a month. It's like I'm dropping debt, literally.

Ishykeya Beaford
Family Case Worker



I recommend any, and everyone to use this service. From the time that I connected with this company, everything was so professional. She explain everything in details, she follows up with you, and the response time is quite quickly. I started instantly seeing results within two months. So if you're looking to get your credit clean this is the company for you... Thanks again Tiakeysha Ellison Financial Services.

Victoria Jones
Author of
"Chasing My Destiny"



KB Dreamz done an outstanding job, and the level of commitment and communication is amazing. My husband and I was able to close on our first home due to Tiakeysha Ellison Financial Services credit repair. She is highly recommended. Patience is the key and trusting the process. Thank you so much.

Shelia Robinson
Owner of
Shelia's Kreative Memories



Thank you Tiakeysha Ellison Financial Services for assisting in getting my credit back on the right track. With your expertise, and professionalism I'm just days away on closing on my home. I highly recommend this company to any/everyone I know !

Bobby Silvera
Owner of
"Prestige Cars Of Orlando"




I would def recommend Tiakeysha  she is undeniably the truth!! Within the first 60 days my score rose 100 points. The portal is so easy to use and so helpful to keep you updated on the process. Her customer service is phenomenal. She’s very thorough and explains everything in great detail. She updates you on a monthly basis on what’s been resolved. Im so excited I’m almost to my score goal. She even helped me establish business credit. I’m so grateful for her. She’s definitely great at what she does and not to mention she’s so affordable. Sign up and you won’t be disappointed

Shardae Hamilton

Owner Of

 Ry Royale Extensions



I started off in June 2018 with a 375 credit score, and over 20 hard inquires, and 8 collections. She stayed on top of it, and got my credit scores up to about 757. With TE Financial Services  help, I am a first time home owner now.

Ty Blossom
Mother of Four



The set up process is very professional. I have login access. She responds quick. My credit scores went up 64 points the first month. Hit her up for legit credit repair.

Gregory Robinson
Owner of
JR. Robinson Lawn Service

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