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Tiakeysha Ellison

Is her name, but she wears the hat of many


Tiakeysha is a serial entrepreneur . She's the founder of Tiakeysha Ellison Financial services , and TE Co | Academy. She is just an ordinary woman with big dreamz. Her purpose in life is to learn as much as she can, and to guide, and teach others along the way. Her goal is to shed light on the importance of good personal, and business credit, and make repairing it affordable to everyone. She's the Instructor of "How to build and leverage business credit" where she host a two hour class on how to structure your business to get business trade lines, and funding. Tiakeysha launched TE Co | Academy after the success of Tiakeysha Ellison Financial Services  . This program is to help other aspiring entrepreneurs build their dreams like she did.

She has changed the lives of many. 

She wrote a DIY credit repair book titled "Credit Dreamz" to educate the world on how to repair their credit on their own. 


   TE Co |Academy 

               "Launch That Business "


Tiakeysha created Tiakeysha Ellison Co | Academy to help entrepreneurs worldwide become successful. Her eight week virtual training course "Launch That Business," includes how to start a credit repair, tax, and notary business. It also includes business structuring, 4-6 streams of income, marketing, automation, outsourcing, website building,  and so much more.

"How To Build, and Leverage Business Credit"
5 Day virtual course

Tiakeysha assist with building business credit only using your EIN. Let us help you get started.


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